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YaMoRC YD7010 Centrale Command station 7010 exclusief voeding

YaMoRC YD7010
71952 N H0 Z TT 0
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YaMoRC YD7010


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Building on the immense succes of our YD9401 upgrade for the DR5000, we decided to bring a complete Command Station, the YD7010, that includes the proven YD7001 technology and YD9401 Network Module.

The command station is based on the technology used in our YD7001-E, but with a completely new designed mainboard, with improved component choice and PCB layout to render robustness and extended functionality. Of course the YD7010 comes with our YD9401 is pre-installed.
Further we improved some visual and usability aspects: Different colors for the RJ connectors which were easy to confuse when they were all gray. Now the XBus and Network sockets have different colors to the ES-Link/s88N, LocoNet and BBus connectors.
On the front we moved the GO- and STOP-LEDs to be in-line with all LEDs and that prevents touching and/or damaging the LEDs when operating the pushbuttons.
On the back we moved the RS-Bus and Program-Track terminals into one 4-way block. This effectively prevents the terminals of turning and, worst case, shearing off !

The product placement of the YD7010 in our portfolio is meant to be an Entry Level, yet very complete and versatile DCC command station.

A summary of the presented features:

  • Unique DCC signal generator:
    With priority control and interleaved packet generation.
    Changes sent by any interface are directly being reflected to the track.
    Generates RailCom Cut-Out.
  • 3 A integrated Booster
  • Operating voltage range from 15 19 VDC. Giving a track-voltage of 13.8 17.8 Volts. That means safe for your N-scale equipment and powerful for H0.
  • Multiple Model Railroad compatible Interface Busses:
    LocoNet, the world standard set by Digitrax Inc.
    XpressNet, from the inventor of DCC: Lenz
    Good old S88 signalling, fully compatible with ES-IN-Link by use of our YD6902-EXT adapters.
  • USB interface for three virtual COM-ports:
    The USB connection can also be used to update the YD7010s firmware
  • Full network capabilities:
    WiFi Access Point,
    gives direct access to smartphones, tablets and handheld controllers
    100baseT RJ45 wired network socket,
    connect and bind to your home network and reliably connect your PC software
  • By means of the built in YD9401 Module which provides:
    6 different but SIMULTANEOUS usable network protocols on WiFi and LAN:
    * XpressNet-LAN,
    * Z21,
    * LocoNet Binary,
    * LocoNet LBServer,
    * JMRI: WiThrottle
    * YD.Command
  • Booster Interface by LocoNet-B with strong, 800mA LocoNet RailSync signals
  • Handcontroller, feedback modules etc. interface by LocoNet-T with strong, 800mA 12VDC power supply
  • Powerful 1 Amp XpressNet supply
  • Roco R-BUS compatible feedbacks on XpressNet socket
  • Roco B-BUS for compatible boosters on RJ10 socket
  • Lenz RS-BUS compatible feedbacks
  • Infra-Red sensor for the use of IR-based remotye controllers like the Uhlenbrock IRIS or the Piko DigiFern
  • Clear LED indicators
  • Programming:
    POM write
    Service Mode ( programming track )
    ES-Link capable modules like YD8044, YD8008, YD8116, YD6016ES, YD7403
  • Additional extra purchasable , quality made, YaMoRC spec, switch mode power supply with choise of:
    15V fixed / 4 A
    18V fixed / 3.4A
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